Past Event | November 2015

“The Dark Side of Success”

John Borbi – Author & Speaker

“Speaker Excellent!!! He was fantastic. Brought tears to my eyes”…”Great speaker and story!”…“It was courageous”…”Strong and memorable message! Great take-aways!!”

Those were just some of the evaluation comments we received from the capacity crowd after they attended the season’s first Leadership Lunch Club presentation on November 20.  But the most frequent word we overheard as attendees filed out after the event was “Wow!”

Nationally-recognized speaker John Borbi shared his personal story of how greed and pride led him to make decisions that had a devastating impact not only on him, but others around him.  To bring his story alive for attendees, John brought the orange jumpsuit he wore during the time he spent in prison.

John openly shared the “good, the bad and the ugly” of his life, past and present, as a tool to address the topic of ethics and inspire all of us to reflect on the seemingly small, everyday decisions we can make that easily can lead us away from what we know is the right thing to do.

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Photos by John Robert Williams Photography

Photos by John Robert Williams Photography

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