Past Event | April 2017

“Creating a Vision of Greatness”

Elnian Gilbert – Zingerman’s Zingtrain

Photos by John Robert Williams Photography

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Feedback from Attendees

“Elnian was outstanding”…”Excellent, engaging”… “This was a great experience!”…“The topic was engaging and the work was helpful”… “Elnian is fantastic, love the passion, lovin’ the ethics of the company that inspired her”.. “I was completely unaware of the amount of detail that should be in the vision!”

What does an inspiring vision sound like? Elnian Gilbert, our featured speaker, started her presentation by sharing her own inspiring and detailed “Vision of Greatness” for her presentation to The Leadership Lunch Club. She was also making the point that you can create a vision for just about anything that is really important to you. During the interactive keynote and workshop, Elnian had participants rolling up their sleeves practicing, sharing and working in teams as they were creating their own inspiring vision for their future. Attendees learned that this same process could be used for personal, professional and organizational visions.

Elnian shared elements for an effective vision including how to add heart and passion to help other people get on-board and excited about the vision as well.  She reminded participants that vision frees people from getting stuck on HOW they’re going to make something happen and allows them to focus instead on WHAT it is they want to create.  The HOW or strategy then becomes clearer. It will be great to see what inspiring visions we’ll see become a reality in our community in the next couple years from this event!

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