Past Event | February 2014

“Trust: The Hidden Organizational Variable”

Al Pilong – President Munson Medical Center

Al Pilong, President of Munson Medical Center, inspired and challenged February’s Leadership Lunch Club attendees with a presentation focusing on thirteen trust-building behaviors gleaned from our featured book, Speed of Trust – The One Thing That Changes Everything by Stephen M.R. Covey. Al gave numerous examples from his own leadership career to show how trust can build strong relationships and success, while a lack of trust can have a destructive effect on how people view our character, competency, and companies.

Attendees also learned that trust is not merely a social virtue. It affects the speed and cost at which things are accomplished. Trust is risky, but mistrust can be riskier, slowing things down and preventing opportunities for valuable collaboration and synergy.

Featured Book

Photos by John Robert Williams Photography

Photos by John Robert Williams Photography

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