Past Event | July 2017 | Special Event

“How to Lead in the 21st Century”

Brad Szollose – Author // Speaker // Consultant // Entrepreneur

Feedback from Attendees

“Full of takeaways”…”Interesting-Uplifting-Encouraging.”…”Loved the event. Thank You!”..”Excellent and informative. Very forward thinking”…”Great job. Great insight. Very enjoyable”…”I will be able to take this back to my peers. Also, great ideas I can apply now.”

Brad’s presentation started with a packed room clapping along to his entrance song “Funky Music” as he asked the various generations to identify themselves.  The song came out in the mid 70’s which was a pivotal time when many things started to be introduced to our culture that would drastically change the way we see the world. Brad got the audience involved through questions, small group discussion and role plays as he walked everyone through  the various media and technological advances that drastically influenced our personal and work lives like the influence of the movie “Star Wars.”  He touched on how those changes have influenced the way we think, work and interact.

Brad helped attendees to understand some of the challenges facing a workforce that includes 5 generations raised on very different experiences of the world.  He left the group with some tips of how we can create a workplace where we can better value and use the various perspectives we all bring into the workplace.

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