The Leadership Lunch Club ℠ (LLC) offers busy leaders in business and non-profit organizations in the Grand Traverse region an opportunity to learn cutting edge leadership and business practices with minimal time and investment. The principles are gleaned from local and regional business leaders who have applied some of the same principles contained in leading business and leadership books with a high degree of success.  Implementing even one of the ideas from these meetings into your organization could result in huge returns for you as a leader and for your organization. The Lunch Club series offers:

  • Frequent appearances by local, regional, and national leaders, speakers, authors, and business owners who will share practical examples and tips on how they are integrating featured principles in their organization.
  • Brief presentation reviewing a new or classic leadership or business book authored by an acclaimed business leader and/or researcher.
  • Brief written review of the featured book.
  • An opportunity to purchase a copy of the featured book at a 10% discount off retail if purchased at the meeting.
  • A brief Q & A at the end of the meeting
  • A great lunch in the convenient and comfortable setting of the Traverse City Country Club.
  • An opportunity to network with other leaders in the community


Barbara Jordan

Owner of Center for Coaching & Leadership Development

The series is offered by the Center for Coaching & Leadership Development led by owner and senior consultant Barbara Jordan Ellis. We are a locally owned business located in downtown Traverse City encompassing a seasoned consulting network with experience working with businesses and leaders ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies.

Our desire is to offer the Leadership Lunch Club series as an affordable way to help local leaders and business owners learn about some great books and practical business and leadership principles that will strengthen their businesses or non-profit organization and contribute to the stability and vibrancy of our entire community. Research confirms that leaders and organizations need to be committed to on-going learning and development to remain competitive.

What was the last leadership or business book or article you’ve read? How are you developing yourself and the leaders in your organization? What is it costing your organization in time, money and lost opportunities to be using ineffective or outdated practices? Make an investment in yourself, your staff and your organization by registering for our up-coming events.


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