2019 Leadership Lunch Club Series


February 15 - 11:00 am


September 20 - 01:00 pm

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The Leadership Lunch Club

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Traverse City Golf & Country

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Welcome to the 2019 Series!

Another don’t miss series featuring top leaders making an impact in our region and around the globe speaking on:


                              And ENTREPRENEURIAL and INTRAPRENEURIAL CULTURES.

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Schedule for February 15, April 26, June 14 and September 20th  Events

11:00am – Doors Open //Sponsor Expo// Networking

11:20-11:40 – Lunch Buffet Open Networking Continues

11:40-12:45 – Welcome and Featured Presentation

12:45-1PM – Q & A and Wrap up

Visit our website for detailed information on our speaker, topic and featured book for each of our events:  www.leadershiplunchclub.com 


February: 15 – “Connecting the Dots” -A Wholistic Approach to Marketing

Presenter: Doug Knorr, President and CEO Knorr Marketing ( A fully integrated, vertical marketing agency with over 50 employees that has been building brands, building trusts and building businesses nation-wide for over 30 years!)

Description:  As important as marketing is, today’s complex consumer, competitive and media landscapes are making successful marketing and advertising decisions more difficult than ever before! Questions like: “Who is my target?” “What is the best way to reach my target?” and, “How do I hold the results accountable?” requires new strategies and much more technology to correctly and efficiently answer these very important questions.  In this presentation, you’ll learn how to use marketing strategies that integrate Big Data to Connect the DOTS [Data-Opportunity-Tools-Strategies]!


April 26 – “Creating a Great Place to Work”

Presenter: Matt Bullock, President, TentCraft  (a rapidly growing global advertising company in Traverse City with over 100 employees manufacturing custom-branded tents used for outdoor promotions for companies.)


Companies develop a set of guiding principles to help define the type of work culture they want to create. One of Tentcraft’s guiding principles is “Fun & A Little Weirdness.” That provides a window into Tentcraft’s unique culture that also includes a call for “Humility” and “Hard Work.” In this presentation, CEO Matt Bulloch will share some of the practices Tentcraft has put into place to hire and retain top talent and create a work environment that supports and reflects their guiding principles while helping them grow into a company of over 100 employees and projected revenues of $20 million by 2020!


June 14 –  “Disruptive Innovation”

Presenter:  Paul J. Bandrowski, CEO and Founder of Inphastos, Inc. (a company that is revolutionizing the way we build single family and multi residential housing!)

How do you create a highly iterative and agile environment that leads to innovation? Innovation requires an environment that allows people to quickly iterate and pivot as they learn from real world outcomes.  The old way of coming up with ideas and designing and developing these ideas in a waterfall approach does not work.  We need an agile, highly iterative approach that allows us to quickly implement our ideas and then pivot as we take real world feedback. In this presentation, learn the innovation principles Paul has used to disrupt the residential construction business and how you can apply those same principles to make some game-changing leaps forward in your own organization.


September 20 – “Creating An Entrepreneurial Culture” At Work and in Our Community

Presenter Panel:

Kevin and Beth Bozung; Founders and Principals, Safety Net (Providing enterprise-grade IT services that are affordable, responsive, and outstanding).

Andy Cole, Executive Director, 20Fathoms ( The home of technology and entrepreneurship in Northern Michigan cultivating a thriving and connected startup ecosystem).


At Work…

If you want to create a greater sense of employee ownership, empowerment and fun in your work environment while increasing productivity and profitability, you’ll find some great ideas in this presentation. Beth and Kevin Bozung will be sharing their early journey and lessons learned in the process of creating a work environment that releases an entrepreneurial spirit in their employees and gives them a stake in the business.

In the Community…

Andy will share why an entrepreneurial mindset is important for our community and how we can foster (and attract) entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. He’ll also take you behind the scenes at 20 Fathoms and share how their core values encourage and reinforce a culture of innovation. You’ll also hear about several of the success stories that have already come out of this effort and how they’ve utilized some principles from Eric Reiss’s book “The Lean Start-Up”

Note: Want to learn how to implement some of the principles in this presentation from the experts? ZingTrain of Zingerman’s will be returning to the Leadership Lunch Club on November 8th to offer a half-day workshop on “Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture” for those who want to dig a little deeper into how they can actually implement these type of practices in their own work environment.  Check out the event and purchase a ticket when they go on sale!